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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Short A SMARTboard Center

For all the teachers that have students in the short vowel level (letter-name) and have a SMARTboard, I am giving away my short A center this week.  If you own a SMARTboard, you know how long it takes to create valuable activities.  This center lasted me all week! 
This is my first year using my SMARTboard as a center and it has been A LOT better than I thought it would be.  Though the students LOVE the board, the novelty wore off quickly as students got to use the board all the time and it is not a distraction.  

Because this center is self-checking, all of my students were successful, and the higher kids beginning long vowels, got plenty of practice reinforcing their ending blends and distinguishing between long and short sounds.  

If you follow me on Pinterest and repin one of these centers, email me and I will send you another of your choice.  Just email me the Short Vowel SMARTboard center of your choice:

To download the file click here:  Short A SMARTboard Center

Have a great weekend!


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