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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Word Study Task Cards and Short E vs. Short I assessment

Finally! It has been a lot of collecting pictures, refining them and getting the format just right, but it was worth it.   I have created 10 sets of Elkonin Phonics Sound Boxes Task Cards.  Each set compares/contrasts 2 vowels so that they can correspond to the word study lists that I am teaching each week (in the beginning of the year anyway).  Right now, they will be beneficial to 3 students.  One student is confusing short a and short e, one student is confusing short a and short u, and the other student is confusing short i/short e (it seems like the most common hurdle at the end of the letter name phase).

I am also creating word lists to go with them.  We have been discussing nonsense words as an intervention in RTI meetings, but I just don't get that.  Why not have them practice real words in a list?  I have heard that it takes 7 to 21 times to learn something.  Don't we want to have kids practice reading real words so that it adds up?  The more you see a word, the more chance you have of remembering it right?

So I created real word lists.  My word lists are organized by pattern on one side of the page and on the other side are the exact same words, but mixed up.  Of course students are very quick to learn how to read the words on the pattern side.  But that is exactly what I want them to do!  Train their brain to look for the pattern!  When a student misses a word on the mixed-up side, I point out to them that they successfully read that same word on the pattern side and we discuss why they could do it on one side but not the other.  It makes for interesting conversation and sometimes it sounds like the AT&T commercials (which I love).

Here is an example of the word list that compares short e and short i:

You can download them here:

Free Short E vs. Short I word lists

Back to the short vowel task cards:  I have been wanting to finish these for sometime, but it takes so long to get the formatting just right.  Also, it was difficult to find colored pictures that printed nicely in black and white, so I watched some videos on YouTube to learn Inkscape, a graphics program. For each picture, I re-touched it making it a crisp, clear, black and white picture.  Sometimes I even created my own picture!

Here is a FREE set of task cards:  Elkonin Sound Box Task Cards, Short A vs. Short I

Elkonin Boxes

 If you are interested in the set, visit my TPT or Teacher's Notebook store:

10 sets of CVC Elkonin Sound Boxes Task Cards --Teacher's Notebook
10 sets of CVC Elkonin Sound Boxes Task Cards--Teachers Pay Teachers

They all say volume 1 because I am working on task cards that compare and contrast the same vowels, only with blends and digraphs.  That won't be for a little while though.

If you use either of these things, please stop back by and let me know how it goes.