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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How Many Am I Hiding Practice Recording Sheet

For a change of pace, I thought I would share my "How Many Am I Hiding?" recording sheet.  Although this blog is not math focused, I have always loved math.  

If you are not familiar with "How Many Am I Hiding," one child is working on memorizing all the combinations of a certain number by using cubes, and another child hides some of the cubes.  The first student must say how many are being hidden.  If they have to "count up" to figure it out, they need to stay on that number until they "just know."  Kids in my class know the number for which they are working on remembering all of the combinations.  We practice the game about 3 times a week, and they can practice the number they are working on and one number above (just to vary it a little).  I like how they are in charge of keeping track of their practice, and thus more active in their learning. 

This sheet is simply to record their attempts at practicing.  I like to have them practice orally by saying how many are missing instead of writing the combinations down.  They do record them occasionally, but I wanted a way to have a quick, 5 minute practice, and more often than writing the numbers down would allow.  This way, they just color in the box above the number they practiced that day.  If they practiced two different numbers, then can color in a maximum of two boxes.

So here is the sheet:

You can download it here:  How Many Am I Hiding? Practice Recording Sheet

Happy Hump Day!


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