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Thursday, April 4, 2013

CVC Cut and Paste Picture Sorting

Spring Break can be productive and fun.  In between the fun, I have created some cut and paste activities that compare and contrast short vowel, CVC words.

I love students practicing cutting and pasting.  I firmly believe kids should practice this fine motor skill EVERY day in kindergarten.  Building fine motor skills is vital in promoting fluency in writing.  Similarly, I believe a lot more handwriting instruction should happen in kindergarten than seems to be happening. Classes that I have taught handwriting a lot during the first half of the year have come so much farther in their writing CONTENT.  This is because getting students fluent in the physical act of writing frees up important brain space and enables them to concentrate on what they are writing.  So I love every opportunity to develop fine motor skills.  I believe they are a VITAL part of balanced literacy that is sometimes overlooked.  That is why I spent time developing these cut and paste activities.

But I am a stickler for efficiency, so not only can kids practice their fine motor skills and phonemic awareness, but they can also practice their phonics skills with these cut and paste activities.

Below is a free sample file of the cut and paste book comparing and contrasting short and and short i:

For the free sample click here:

CVC Cut and Paste Picture Sorting--Short A and Short I Compared


 For the entire 30 page book that compares and contrasts all vowel combinations, click here:

CVC Cut and Paste Picture Sorting--All Short Vowel Combinations


Hope you are having a great break!


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